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Wednesday, November 7th, 2018
9:00am - 12:00pm

Comelit Lunch & Learn

Join Comelit for a VIP
Intercom Lunch & Learn and
see the full line of products.

Brief training on Comelit kits,
the 2 wire system and an
in-depth training on the
IP intercom system.

We will talk about the
Comelit app and the
programming required for
the IP system.

Interact with our IP intercom
product display.

Comelit represents the evolution
of video entry technology and the
services connected to it, with a
new dimension linked to data transmission
offering performance suited to modern
residential, commercial, industrial
and advanced commercial scenarios: from
individual residences to large complexes,
in new constructions, renovated buildings
and modernized systems and structures alike.
Serves an unlimited number of users, with
simultaneous conversations and no
distance limitations.

Come and check out the new 2 wire
system with the APP!

Now besides having video intercom
on 2 wires, you can have the
app as well! Up to 120,000 tenants!

Perfect for buildings with exisiting cables!

- Lunch will be provided. -

Space is limited!
RSVP to register 201-489-0634.

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